In His Time (Pt 2)

Well, this is awkward.  By that I mean it’s been almost exactly 2 months since my last post.  As those who have been following my previous posts may have guessed by now, the faith I expressed in March being the month we’d conceive proved true.  We’re going to be parents!!!  I wanted to wait until all the family who had been following phase 1 of this blog had been told the great news before I started posting again.  Well, the cat has been out of the bag for a while now and I just feel like now is the right time to go back to blogging.

So much has happened but I figure for those who care enough to read and for the little one growing inside me, I’ll start back to the beginning.  The day we found out!  It was March 31st (exactly 10 days after I believe little sprout was conceived) and when I woke up I knew I’d break open the first of my super expensive 3-pack of early pregnancy tests.  If my counting is correct, this was month 9 of this little ridiculous ritual.  Seriously, I kept First Response in business.  

Before I got out of bed, I remember saying something to God like, “I have peace.  It may not be our month but I do trust You, Lord.”  While Philip was still laying in bed, I got up as usual and shut the bathroom door and turned on the shower.  After all, I assumed I’d look at that one line and go on with business as usual.  The next part is actually slightly fuzzy.  Normally I’d squint trying to see faint second line.  But this time, as the dye began to run across the test, my heart started to pound.  Is that the the start of a line…oh my word…I don’t think I’m crazy this time.  The shaking commenced and next thing I remember was flinging the bathroom door open, test in one hand, other hand covering my mouth.  I couldn’t look at it develop further…so I came out and said something to the effect of, “Oh my gosh Philip! I think I’m pregnant!  Do you see a line!!?!??!!”  I handed it to him and he quickly grabbed his glasses and turned a light on.  He smiled and agreed that he saw it.  I quickly jumped onto the bed on top of him crying and holding him so tight.



Yes, I took THAT many tests to confirm it to myself. Took one every day after the first light positive.

We were in total shock.  Tears turned into laughter until I became aware that I was REALLY late for work and the shower was STILL running.  Didn’t care whatsoever.  Even though we were wanting to keep it a secret…I just HAD to tell my mom right then and there.  I had so so many dreams of having a positive test and telling my mom soon after. So, after getting Philip’s permission, I called her.  Man, that was awesome.  She answered and asked if she could call me back because she was getting out of the shower and had to go to the DMV.  I replied, “NO I’M HAVING A BABY!”  She was so shocked and just cried.  She was clearly so very happy for us and to be “Gigi”.  

I’m getting tired now…typical first trimester.  I’ll post some more updates to catch up to where I am now…which is 10 weeks 4 days.  

I want to end on a note that ties this into my previous post.  I was pretty sure when I posted that that it just HAD to be it because the timing was SO amazing.  But, y’all, if we were still trying, and I had been wrong, my testimony would still be a story of HIS work in my life and He would still be worthy of my praise.  I deserve none of this.  We aren’t worthy.  Yet, somehow, it did happen this way.  He did choose to use this crazy timing to make it so clear that He’s been in control all along and He knew exactly what He was doing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord.

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