Where did I leave off?

Well, I thought I’d be quick to keep posting updates, but I guess I was wrong.  Here’s what happened next….

I had to leave the day after I found out for a conference.  Leaving was pretty hard to do.  We just wanted to enjoy our secret together.  Well, I’m not really good at the secret thing. But, I tried.  We agreed after I got the call from the doctor confirming that we’d tell immediate family.  I got the call from the doctor when I was away, so we set out to make our calls right when I got home.

It was so exciting to tell everyone.  That night we told Philip’s parents, his brother, my dad and his wife Pam and then first thing the next day we called my brother.  All were so happy for us and some were really surprised.

Since I found out at 3 weeks 4 days, it made getting to the first ultrasound go by pretty slow.  Up until about 6 weeks, I was feeling mostly like myself.  Right around that 6 week mark, I started to get a little sick in the mornings.  Each week or so it would extend further into the day until I just had to eat when I could and what I could.  It’s interesting how as much as you want to feed the baby healthy food, if you can’t stomach it, you can’t eat it.  Thankfully I’ve only been “sick” sick a couple times.

We took our announcement photo in New York City (below) and had our viability ultrasound the day after we got home.   That was one of the best days of my life so far.  I was pretty anxious to see that everything was okay…and, thankfully, she found that sweet little peanut right away and before I could process the image, she played that beautiful heartbeat.  I was in shock that I was hearing it so quickly!  There it was.  A little life inside me that God knit together.  I’ll never forget it.
Image          Image

Two weeks later I went in for what I thought was a routine exam–and more like a physical than anything else.  So, I went by myself.  However, the CMA said she would try to use the doppler to find the baby’s heartbeat.  I immediately regretted telling Philip not to come because I knew he’d want to hear it again.  But, something a little worse happened. She didn’t find it.  I wasn’t too upset…she seemed a little nervous and confused about it.  Then, my NP came in to do the exam and she said she’d look for that little heartbeat. After quite a few minutes of trying, she didn’t find it either.  Now I wasn’t feeling all that confident.  I texted my mom and Philip on my walk to get the ultrasound asking them to pray.  I hated that I was alone at this point.  Thankfully, the ultrasound tech found it RIGHT away.  A beautiful 162bpm.  Thank you Lord!  Below is the adorable little photo from that adventure.  See his/her little arm up?  So sweet.



I thank God all the time for this blessing. As I’m finally starting to go longer without being nauseous, I’m looking forward to all the fun milestones again.  I’m even starting to see a little bump coming in.  Pictures of that to come when I hit 12 weeks on Thursday.

Thanks everyone for praying for us and supporting us.  The best is yet to come!

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