As I near the halfway mark…

Remember that time I was like, “Hey everybody!  I’m not going to use facebook to talk about pregnancy, I’m gonna do it on my blog!”  Turns out, I didn’t really have time for insightful blog posts to make that happen.  So, I apologize if my posts on Facebook have been either annoying or painful for anyone.  Seriously, I do.  In a very selfish way, I guess I just felt like more would like to see them than not see them….so I just went with it when I felt like sharing.  One thing I will NOT do is complain about the pregnancy or the baby.  I may ask questions or joke about weird little quirks, but this is the biggest blessing of our lives, not an inconvenience or something to take for granted.  I know there are MANY who are waiting for this blessing and the LAST thing they want to see is a pregnant woman unhappy and complaining for 40 weeks of her life.  Not okay.

So, as I hit my 19 week mark today…which is almost half the average pregnancy, I thought I’d take a couple minutes to share.  In case you’ve lived under a rock or don’t see my FB posts, I am COMPLETELY on edge and full of anticipation and excitement for tomorrow’s anatomy scan.  I honestly can’t distinguish if I’m more excited just to spend at least a half hour watching little sprout up on the screen or about finding out if it’s Ellie or Sawyer giving me the cutest little kicks in the world.  Both aspects are thrilling and 9am tomorrow cannot come soon enough.  I am almost as excited as I was right before I married my amazing Philip.  Nothing will top that because under God, he is my priority and I hope to be reminded of that in the coming months.  Husband first.

So many people, both strangers and friends alike, have asked, What are you hoping for?” and I always reply, “Well I think it’s a boy and Philip thinks it’s a girl.”  Y’all, I hate to insult you, but think about that question.  How is it fair?  I’m hoping for this baby to be healthy and carry to term and enter this world in the most wonderful delivery I can give him or her.  That’s what I’m hoping for. I trust the Lord that this is the child He has for our family and that will either be a world-changing little boy named Sawyer or a world-changing little girl named Ellie.  He’s got this, so my preference doesn’t exist.  Even if I had one, I promise I would never tell you.

I’ll conclude with two things. One is fun and one is something I hope you’ll agree with me in prayer on.  Below are some photos to show the bump progress.  I’ve always loved seeing this with other people’s pregnancy, so I’m doing it for whoever out there likes that kind of thing.  Below that is a prayer that the Lord put in my heart back in January around 2am when I had the flu and the cough medicine was keeping me wide awake (yes, I’m one of those that doesn’t pass out with codeine).  I will be hanging this in the nursery because I believe it’s powerful and should be repeated often.  Will you read it and believe it with us?

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Thank you in advance for blessing our family with as many children as you see fit. I promise we will teach them all we can about who You are and your goodness and grace and perfect love. May they walk in your favor and provision and not know a moment that isn’t covered in Your presence and anointing. May you teach us and speak through us as we raise them. Use our mistakes to teach them lessons and protect them from all that so easily could entangle and pull them away from You. May they be encouragers and bring hope to the nations far beyond our biggest dreams. May they use their gifts to bring You glory. May we always show them a real marriage that is centered and grounded in You. I pray that they would have godly spouses and that there would be no divorce in the generations to come. I speak LIFE into their marriages and their children’s marriages. Oh that the curse of divorce in my family be broken with us.
I pray that they would see in the supernatural and that they would worship you and act in their spiritual giftings. That they would always know you as their spiritual Father who will never fail them even when we do. May we never be impatient with them so that they can enjoy the world with child-like faith. More so than anything, may they win countless souls for the Kingdom.