Speak Life


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  It’s probably simply because there hasn’t been anything I’ve felt the need to write down.  However, something I feel God is putting on my  heart is to speak out life over my body.  I’ve been really enjoying exercising again and I tend to listen to gospel music while I do.  Funny, huh?  Not typical workout jams but I can’t explain it.  It’s like I’m physically worshiping and praying at the same time.  It’s a powerful experience that invigorates my body and spirit at the same time.  It was funny, I was mouthing my prayers while doing my cool down and P looked over at me and thought I was losing it!  He didn’t know that I was praying and worshiping.

Anyway, yesterday we stood up at the end of church as the pastor was praying and it was so funny.  He asked us to pray out loud with him.  He said, “Speak life. Speak NEW life!”  Wow.  Exactly what I had been praying over myself.  How incredible is that?  The message was about the power of the tongue and how it can be life giving or it can be like poison.  Not only is this applicable to our relationships, but I firmly believe it directly applies to how we can either encourage ourselves or poison ourselves with our own thoughts and words.  So, I’m choosing to speak life over my body and new life into my womb.  Who knows, maybe this is the month!  Got my positive ovulation test today–on DAY 15!!! This is amazing to me because when this process started my cycles were LOOOONG at over 40 days and I wouldn’t ovulate until at least day 20.  Thanks to a supplement I’ve been taking (pre-natal included in there), my cycles are becoming like that of a normal woman.  I am so pleased that my body is lining up with the Word of God and His will for me to be whole.  Now, I focus on praying that NEW LIFE into my body.  Will you join me?